With AdsManager Free Version, there is no payment system, you will need a Silver or Gold Version to start making money with AdsManager.

Silver and Gold Version include PaidSystem which is the extensions that allow you to charge your visitor for posting ads


Compare Free and Silver/Gold Version


What is possible to do with AdsManager/PaidSystem :

  • Charge per category: set a single price to post an ad or set different prices per category (some free some paid categories) or set a price for the first categories and then an additional cost for additional categories.
  • Charge based on duration: you can create different durations at different prices.
  • Premium fields: If the user wants to set his "phone number" for example, this can configured as a premium field.
  • Charge for additional images
  • Charge for Highlighted and Featured Ads
  • Charge to Bring to Top every day or Stay at Top of the list


Payment Methods supported:

Offline payment

VirtualMoney :

If you want your users to pay ad/options with credits,points,virtual money, this is also possible, you will need to install VirtualMoney (which is included into Silver/Gold Pack)

With Virtualmoney, you will sell "credits" pack (100 credits for 10 € for example), then set a price in "credits" for each option/ad.

You can also offer credits at registration time or each day.


If you want users to pay monthly to be allowed to post ad. (A professional that don't want to pay for each ad each time but want a monthly subscription)

you can use UserSubs with AdsManager to sell subscription.

(Note: UserSubs is not included into AdsManager GOLD pack you need to purchase it separately)

You will be able to configure UserSubs/AdsManager to

  • limit categories allowed to post depending on subscription
  • limit number of ads (or unlimited ads), number of images
  • have different prices for highlight,top, featured options

You can also  create several "Subscription types". To have for example: Bronze,Silver Gold access.


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